Foto Terbaik dari Sony World Photography Awards 2019 (Part 3)

#21 Portraiture: 'Xibalba' By Tim Cavadini, Germany

#22 Creative: 'Little Mona Lisa' By Mariëtte Aernoudts, Netherlands

#23 Travel: 'Whale Shark Encounter, Papua West, 2018' By Marco Zaffignani, Italy

#24 Culture: 'Vasile Oanea' By Alex Robciuc, Romania

#25 Portraiture: 'Diamond Skin' By Mikeila Borgia, Argentina

#26 Portraiture: 'Bruno's Portrait' By Elena Merce, Spain

#27 Architecture: 'The Mirrored Entrance Of Tokyu Plaza' By Connor Henderson, Australia

#28 Culture: 'Bright Minuet' By Alessandro Zanoni, Italy

#29 Travel: 'Flower On The Sea' By Trung Pham Huy, Vietnam

#30 Landscape: 'Executioner' By Neil Burnell, United Kingdom

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