Foto Terbaik dari Sony World Photography Awards 2019 (Part 2)

#11 Portraiture: 'Culture' By Hasan Torabi, Iran

#12 Culture: 'Drawing The Happiness ' By Ming Kai Chan, Hong Kong Sar

#13 Natural World & Wildlife: 'Untitled' By Greg Lecoeur, France

#14 Motion: 'National Police Day' By Piotr Cyganik, Poland

#15 Creative: 'Tarian Ikan Cupang' By Dhiky Aditya, Indonesia

#16 Natural World & Wildlife: 'Face To Face' By Manuel Enrique González Carmona, Spain

#17 Portraiture Category Winner: 'Grayson Perry - Birth' By Richard Ansett, United Kingdom

#18 Landscape: 'Under The Moon' By Kuo Zei Yang, Taiwan

#19 Culture: 'Synergy Of Humanity' By Eng Chung Tong, Malaysia

#20 Motion: 'Little Wizard' By Marlena Kurowska-Jankowiak, Poland

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